Welcome to “El Rowad College” Website

Our website gives you a glimpse of our daily life in the school. Look around you’ll see that our teachers, administrators, and team are committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for our students by providing the best learning opportunities for them.

Our mission is to instill in our students the foundation necessary to go out into the world as lifelong learners with a good spirit, well prepared for high school and for life.

We offer a rich educational experience that combines academic, religious, social, artistic, athletic, and extra – curricular elements to help each child develop his or her fullest potential.

Throughout this website you will find information about the special programs on both academic and extra curricula that set our primary stage. You’ll get the chance to briefly meet our dedicated teachers. You’ll find a school calendar and weekly news to keep you on the top of all that is going on in our primary stage.

We look forward to getting to know you, answer your complains and solve your problems. We thank our current parents for entrusting their children to our care and we look forward to welcoming new families to our school community in the near future.