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Our website gives you a glimpse of our daily life in the school. Look around you’ll see that our teachers, administrators, and team are committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for our students by providing the best learning opportunities for them………….


Mr. Adel El Sheikh

Dear parents and students,

Our future depends on the knowledge, skills, versatility and educability of our people. Our hopes will become realities only within an integrated framework of education & human resource development designed to make each child a mature and responsible citizen. That’s what we have here in EL Rowad School.

As the general director of Al -Rowad College, I feel very proud to be a part in the huge responsibility of building the future citizen in our country Egypt. A new citizen with an innovative character, a critical thinker able to understand and accept differences A citizen who can compete in knowledge and life skills and able to learn for life and to compete globally.

General Director

Mrs. Nesreen El sarky

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