Academic Subjects/University Entrance

The subjects available at Al Rowad Language School:

We offer a wide range of subjects from which students can choose. We provide all the adequate advice to our students about which subjects to study in each session in order to achieve every student’s objectives.

Generally, students should finish at least 8 IGCSE Subjects; one ALEVEL subject or two AS’s subjects are required for certain colleges such as medicine and engineering. In addition, candidates are required to study and pass the Arabic Language, Religion, and Citizenship Studies and attend the Egyptian Thanwya Amma Examinations set by the Ministry in accordance to their dates and regulations.

If a candidate does not pass those subjects at school, they must re-sit the supplementary exam set by university or else they will not be granted the degree (Supreme Council rule dated 4/6/2011).

Important Notes

All Students must take English as a second language, Mathematics and Chemistry as three of their IGCSE Subjects in Year10.

For Engineering field; students must have passed IGCSE Math, IGCSE Physics, IGCSE Chemistry, English language and another four IGCSE Subjects with a minimum grade (C or grade 4). Additionally, passes are required in the following: ALEVEL MATH OR AS MATH plus one of the following subjects AS PHYSICS or AS CHEMISTRY or AS ACCOUNTING.

Students targeting the study of Medicine or Science, must have passed IGCSE Math, English as a second language and the three sciences Biology, Chemistry and Physics with a minimum grade of (C or 4). Additionally, passes are required in the following :ALEVEL BIOLOGY OR AS BIOLOGY plus one of the following subjects AS MATH or AS CHEMISTRY or AS PHYSICS).

Candidates are advised to consult “Guide book “produced by Admission Office of Supreme Council to know the compulsory /elective subjects that are relevant to the faculty they want to join.

Candidates should produce a proof of completing 12 years of schooling (6 years primary/3 years middle school/3years Secondary).

Under Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education regulations for applications to universities in Egypt only, the examinations taken in the 3 years before university entrance are considered.

It’s our intention to offer the following optional subjects at El Rowad school entering in Y11 & Y12 :- (Information & communication technology – computer science – First language Arabic- Business Studies – Economic – Travel & Tourism – English Literature – Foreign languages which is available in Y10 as well (French , German & Spanish ) – Accounting –Physics- Biology – Higher Level in Math , Biology, Physics and Chemistry – Business studies )

New Numerical International GCSE/GCSE Grading system (9-1)

Numerical Grading



Highest Grade in Egyptian System











N.B If a candidate obtains a Grade 9 from a school in Egypt or outside Egypt , this Grade will be equivalent to the highest grade offered in Egypt , which is 100% .

International AS/A Level



Grade A*


Grade A


Grade B


Grade C


Grade D