El Rowad Language School in Nasr City is proud to present to its students the International British IGCSE system of Education.

The candidate is expected to complete the British International General Certificate of Secondary Education( IGCSE) system in three years right after the student is done with her / his third year preparatory or its equivalent from any other educational system.

IGCSE stands for international General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is an international curriculum introduced by the University of Cambridge, Edexcel Local Examinations syndicate and Oxford International AQA Examination. IGCSE covers a broad range of subjects including Mathematics, Science, Languages, Humanities, etc.

IGCSE examinations are held twice per year in May / June and October/ November: students may retake exams in November or June to improve their grades which is opened until they finish the whole system.

The IGCSE examinations are set by the syndicate and taken by candidates at recognized syndicate examination centers throughout the world. Answer scripts are returned to the syndicate for marking by syndicate examiners in the United- Kingdom. Results and certificates are forwarded to the principals and coordinators of the centers (schools) for distribution to candidates.

IGCSE examinations are accepted by universities and colleges worldwide.